Old Sam Whiskey. Born in Goldfield NV.

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Wild Weather Whiskey

Not made in a laboratory warehouse. Our whiskey is harnessed to the natural weather of a desert mountain GoldRush ghost town.

Millions of dollars of gold and silver was mined from Goldfield Mountains with millions more still hidden beneath the surface.


Perfect Barrel house

Our Barrelhouse is matched to ambient desert mountain weather.

Our location is carefully selected to provide a wild weather experience for our whiskey to barrel mature
Altitude is 5600 feet Desert Mountain 100 miles from Death Valley
Humidity varies from 3% to 90%, typically 5% to 10%
Temperature cycles 30 degrees daily, annually varies from 100 to 0 degrees F

Weather makes Great Whiskey

Barometric pressure varies dramatically with frequent storm patterns

Windy desert mountain location. Typical light winds 5 to 15 MPH, often gusty 30 to 40 MPH. Intermittently seeing winds above 40 MPH to clear the air
The changeable weather gives an accelerated maturation to the barreled whiskey. Our Yearling whiskey has developed flavor and color rivaling 5-year scotch.