The Spirits of the Old West rediscovered and craft distilled.

Distilling with tradition

Goldfield, Nevada ~~ Born in the Great Goldrush of 1903 as a gold mining boomtown and now Home of Old Sam Spirits. Millions of dollars of gold and silver was mined from Goldfield Mountains with millions more still hidden beneath the surface. Nearly destroyed by the great fire of 1923 but the Tradition lives on. Old Style Spirits rediscovered and craft distilled for today. Sticking with the spirit of the early 1900's | »→ Small Batch Craft Distilled with Natural Flavors. »→ Old West Mining Tradition, »→ Old Sam Tradition.



Old Sam Gin is a new kind of spirit, but one that evokes the craft distillers of Old Tom Gin and the forgotten recipes of the Old West. By compounding an herbal mix of Juniper berries, anise, cinnamon and other secret herbal ingredients, Old Sam Gin is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Easily mixed into your favorite cocktails for a herbal punch.

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