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We start with 200 proof/100% neutral spirits distilled from grain, then add purified water from a high desert aquifer. Then, by using the ancient method of compounded extraction, Old Sam Spiced Gin avoids oxidation of the delicate spiced flavor. Old Sam Spiced Gin is built with a complex variety of herbal ingredients including Italian juniper berries, hand harvested cherry stone juniper berries, star anise, cloves and other proprietary botanicals. the final mixture is finished with a dash of cane sugar to add a hint of sweet and to round off the volume of flavor.

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Old Sam Vodka


We start with the highest quality 200 proof/ 100% grain alcohol made from midwest USA premium corn, then we add a careful measure of purified water from adjacent high desert deep aquifer to make 88 proof / 44% Alcohol Old Sam Vodka. Neutral grain spirits used to make Old Sam Vodka have been additionally processed to remove undesirable congeners. This creates a clean, smooth vodka without additives. Try Old Sam Vodka in a Martini or your favorite cocktail and see what we mean.

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