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The Tale of Old Sam


Old Sam Gin was crafted from vintage Gin recipes from the Wild Wild West. A modern spirit in the tradition of Old Tom Gin, with a sweetness and herbal profile, it's a gin to be sipped over ice or enjoyed neat.

Old Sam Gin to keep spirits high. To enjoy the times.

Old Sam - Western Original

was an American mountain man, trapper, Army scout and wilderness guide who explored and trapped the Western United States in the first half of the 19th century. Bridger is known for participating in numerous early expeditions into the western interior as well as mediating between Native American tribes and westward-migrating European-American settlers, and by the end of his life had earned a reputation as one of the foremost frontiersmen in the American Old West. He was of English ancestry, and his family had been in North America since the early colonial period.[1]


The Legend of Old Sam

Some say the spirit of Old Sam lives on today in the hills of Goldfield, NV. During the early 1900's legend has it that Old Sam was there for the Gold rush of 1903. Word is that he was the gold mining tycoon of the time. Old Sam survived high water on Coyote Wash during flashflood of 1913. He was there for the great fire of 1923. He was there with his secret recipe for Old Sam Spiced Gin. Enjoyed during the best of times and the worse of times, the spirits have been unearthed. Considered by many a complex but sensitive man Old Sam is remembered as a pioneer of the time, pioneer of the West. Travelers, Miners, and Boomtowners would barter for (and sometimes steal) his Old Sam Gin. Rumor has it that a bottle was always next to him - at the gold mine, at the poker table, and a private bottle at the local Speak Easy.


Golden Opportunity

Old Sam Spirits makes high quality liquor in our desert mountain ghost town location that we enjoy and want to share with the world.

We invented Old Sam Spiced Gin by revisiting historic methods & recipes to create a complex new flavor built from multiple spices and botanicals we like.

We created our three foundation whiskeys with best grains and craft methods resulting in excellent spirits.

We think you will enjoy Old Sam Spirits and look forward to earning your patronage.